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The Lowest Price of the Year!
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This is How to Look 10 Years Younger Naturally- 100% Non-Invasive and Affordable


by Laura Adams
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Your eyes are one of the first things that people notice about you and one of the first things that give away your age.

As we age our skin loses its elasticity and appears wrinkly and sagging. This is how droopy eyelides occur. However, hooded eyes are not always age-related.

Many people are born with this eye shape. I’m one of them myself. I always remember myself struggling to apply makeup as my eyelids are totally covered!

But most importantly, droopy eyelids make you look older and more tired. The question is… how do you fix it? I’ve visited countless surgeons and dermatologists and they all gave me the same answer: blepharoplasty.

Well… I was never a big fan of these procedures. What if I don’t like the final result? What can I do? Have a plastic surgery again to fix it?

Thank you, but no!

This is the secret to look 10 years younger without surgery

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During one of my trips in LA, I visited an aesthetician to get a facial treatment. At some point I told her about my droopy eyelids and how much I hate them.

This is when she told me about this trick that she learn while working in the movie industry.

It’s super cheap, 100% safe and you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

I finally found the perfect way to fix droopy eyelids without surgery!

Meet Contours RX™ - the instant eye lift

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Contours RX™ is an instant solution to saggy, droopy and hooded eyelids without going under the knife.

This corrective strip works to instantly create a more contoured eyelid for a natural, more youthful look. Their purpose is to redefine your eyelids and create a beautiful and natural crease, for bigger, bolder eyes.

What is so great about them?

Contours RX™ eye strips are easily applied, can be worn every day and come in different widths so you can recontour your eyelids for your ideal look.

I tried Contours RX™ and this is my review

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Contours RX™ comes in a box that contains 80 eyelid strips and  a pair of tweezers to easily lift the strips off the sheet.

Even if you’re not very familiar with makeup, you won’t have any problem applying them. The strips are translucent, blend well into the skin and super comfortable.

I placed them gently on my eyelid and they immediately sticked on it. I was afraid that the adhesive material will make me feel itchy as I have sensitive skin, but nothing happened. I barely notice its there!

Contours RX™ is dermatologist tested, medical grade, latex free and hypoallergenic. No wonder it feels so comfortable!

woman's before and after use of contours rx

The results were impressive! 

Contours RX™ transformed my appearance in just seconds. They evenly contoured my eyelid and gave me such an elegant and natural eyelift!

What really shocked me? These eyelid tapes lasted all day on my eyelids until they were removed.

I couldn’t believe that just two eyelid stripes can help you achieve such an amazing results in a few seconds!

Get Instant Results with Contours RX™

before and after using Contours RX

✅ 100% natural without surgery, expensive treatments or fillers

✅ Instant eye-lift effect that looks natural

Totally Safe, Latex-free and Hypoallergenic

✅ Different sizes and translucent finish to fit all eyelids and skin tones

✅ Natural Results 

How can I buy it?

ContoursRX is currently sold only online. To make it yours, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website by clicking here
  2. Get ContoursRX and get an instant eyelift in seconds!

The official ContoursRX is not sold on eBay or AliExpress. We advise you to buy it through the official website as this is the only way to make sure that you’re getting the original product and not a counterfeit.

Contours RX™
Get rid of droopy eyelids today
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